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Business Poisons – Know the Things That Are Poisonous to Your Business

FRIENDS: I know you have heard this question “WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR?” but have you really thought about it? Have you ever pondered on what it really means? What is the impact of a friend in your business? Is their impact positive or negative?. I saw something on Facebook that really caught me. A friend of mine (who is also a blogger) posted something on his wall. He said something about a blogger and his friend he said “a blogger once had a friend. His friend is a musician. His friend is always telling him to promote his music online. Whenever he has an upcoming show, he will quickly contact his blogger friend. But this musician guy has never taken time to promote his friend’s blog. Yet he always contacts his friend for assistance. He never cares if his friend has data to run his blog effectively or not, he doesn’t want to know if his friend is in need of any assistance or not.” So what am I saying in essence? Your friend should share the same motive with you. They should not be the one crashing you instead; they should assist you and take you to your glory days.

YOUR ATTITUDE: Do you have the attitude of a business minded person? If no, then you need to work on yourself. You should always see the bright side of thing. My senior, Okon Joseph said that don’t follow your passion if you are not ready to suffer. Your attitude towards your business determines if you are going to be successful or not. Always be smart, cooperate and always out on the look for opportunities. They say too much of everything is bad. I agree with this saying but only in some cases. Your marketing should not have an end. You should have an aggressive marketing strategy that will leave your clients in awe. You should always think of a new marketing pattern in order to rejuvenate your business. Donald Trump said “success is not a result of luck; it is result of applied intellectual ideas put together all with the motive of success”. You should not feel that success is as a result of luck. Bill Gates said “if you were born poor, it’s not your fault; but if you die poor, then you are to be blamed”. So therefore, any asset you have that doesn’t pay should not be considered as an asset, but a liability.

STRONG BUSINESS PATTERN: This should be a result of constant deliberations on your newly birthed idea. At this stage, you should know what is good and bad for your business as an individual. You should also know the Pros. And Cons. Of content marketing. At this stage you should have a business pattern of Idea>Strategy>Test run>Implementation>Management. So now the question is “Are you ready? Will you go the extra mile? Are you willing to make superficial sacrifices like giving up on your friends (the ones that are crashing you)?”. The decision is up to you to make now.